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HENDRICK MOMMERS (1623 – 1693)

'Peasant Women', oil on canvas, 85 x 102 cm

Hendrick Mommers (ca.1623, Haarlem – December 21, 1693, Amsterdam), was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.

According to Houbraken he was a Haarlem painter of vegetable market scenes, who was the first teacher of the young painter Dirk Maas, who later took lessons from the more famous landscape painter Nicolaes Berchem. Houbraken also mentions Mommers in a poem about the Bentvueghels after the painter Dirk Visscher, who was called "Slempop". It is not clear if Houbraken intended to show that he had been Visscher's teacher, if he had shared the "Slempop" nickname, or if he was meant to be connected with another nickname, but Mommers did travel to Italy. Visscher is registered by the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History) as "Slempop" in Rome in 1707, or about the same time Houbraken was writing.

According to the RKD, Mommers became a member of the Haarlem Guild of Saint Luke in 1647, where he was last registered in 1665 when he appears to have moved to Amsterdam. He is registered as a Berchem follower and an Italy traveller (without a nickname). Dirk Maas was his pupil.

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