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Videos (Russian)

The Exhibition 'Love Pier' at the 5th Element Gallery
by Victor Borisov, 2018


Dreams of Beauty: the Exhibition of Alla Lipatova and Nikolay Reznichenko at Rakov Gallery, Yekaterinburg
by Rakov Gallery Art, 2020


Musical Nostalgia ...
"Nothing Matters To Me" - Belostotsky Smaragd
Painting - Nikolay Reznichenko
by Donna, 2019


Rakov Gallery Artists:
Nikolay Reznichenko
by Rakov Gallery Art, 2020


Nikolay Reznichenko
by Alexander Smoljaninov, 2014

6 to 19 December 2008
The anniversary exhibition of
St. Petersburg Creative Union of Artists IFA.

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