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Anastasia Ivanova is one of the remarkable and original artists. She has a unique vision and style that combines still and moving images, creating captivating and immersive narratives. Her work explores various themes, such as identity, memory, culture, and spirituality, with a poetic and philosophical approach. She has a keen eye for detail and composition, as well as a mastery of technical skills and tools.

Her talents extend beyond the realm of photography; she is an accomplished writer, photographer, and artist with a unique ability to communicate her ideas and insights effectively.

Beyond her artistic talents, Anastasia is a gifted writer, with numerous essays and stories published on the subjects of photography, art, and relationships.

Anastasia's achievements as an artist have not gone unnoticed. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries, both nationally and internationally. She has earned recognition as the winner of the Seven Arts Contest 2023. In addition to winning the Seven Arts Contest 2023, she has been a finalist in several prestigious competitions, including the 50 Contemporary artists Asia and the Creativity's Prize.


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