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Sept 2002- May 2006: Central Children's School of Arts, Khimki - Visual Arts
Sept 2012- June 2014:
St. George’s International School in Switzerland, IB programme - HL Art; HL English & Literature; HL History; SL French; SL Environmental systems
Sept 2014- June 2015:
Accord École des langues, Paris - French
June- July 2015:
Paris College of Art - Photography Course
Sept 2015- Jan 2020:
Regent’s University London - BA (Hons) International Events Management
April- Sept 2018:
Otemon Gakuin University - Japanese Sociology
Sept- Dec 2018:
Lomonosov Moscow State University - History of Art & Marketing
Sept 2020-October 2021:
Regent’s University London - MA Luxury Brand Management

     Experienced life in Russia, Switzerland, France, Japan, UK

     Born in Moscow, Russia

     2009 moved to Switzerland and studied in an international school where got exposed to the public from all over the world and learnt to think outside the box

     2014 moved to Paris

     2015 moved to London where she is currently based

     Has always been into arts as her grandfather and uncle were in the art sphere

     Mother is a psychotherapist, so she got influenced to explore mental states in her art

     Likes Japan, which also influenced her art and exploration of human mind

     Spent 6 month in Japan, where she was studying sociology and also took part in the GPI US Social-Empowerment program JAPAN working as an English language tutor and motivational speaker

June- July 2018: GPI US Social-Empowerment program JAPAN:

Otemon Gakuin Otemae Junior & Senior High School- Motivational Speaker, EFL Lecturer

Yamatedai Shogakkou Primary School- EFL Lecturer, Children art club assistant

Anastasia is a multi-talented artist who has experienced life in various countries, including Russia, Switzerland, France, Japan, and the UK. Born in Moscow, Russia, she embarked on a journey that would shape her artistic vision and inspire her unique perspective.

In 2009, she moved to Switzerland and enrolled in an international school, where she was exposed to a diverse community of individuals from all over the world. This experience broadened her horizons and cultivated her ability to think outside the box. It was during this time that her passion for the arts began to flourish.

In 2014, she relocated to Paris, immersing herself in the vibrant art scene of the city. Surrounded by the rich cultural heritage and artistic influences, she continued to develop her craft and expand her creative repertoire.

A year later, she moved to London, where she is currently based. The dynamic and cosmopolitan nature of the city has provided her with endless inspiration and opportunities to showcase her talent. London's diverse art community has also allowed her to collaborate with like-minded individuals and further refine her artistic style.

Artistic expression runs in her family, as her grandfather and uncle were involved in the art sphere. Their influence ignited her passion for creativity and provided her with a solid foundation for her artistic endeavours.

Growing up with a mother who is a psychotherapist, she was naturally drawn to exploring the complexities of the human mind through her art. This fascination with mental states and psychology is a recurring theme in her work, adding an introspective and thought-provoking dimension to her creations.

One of her greatest sources of inspiration is Japan where she studied sociology. The country's unique culture and perspective on life have deeply influenced her art and ideas. Japanese aesthetics, philosophy, and the concept of finding beauty in imperfection resonate strongly with her artistic vision, resulting in captivating and evocative pieces.

Throughout her artistic journey, Anastasia has continually pushed the boundaries of her creativity, exploring new mediums, techniques, and concepts. Her works exude a profound sense of emotion, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of their own thoughts and feelings.

With a rich tapestry of experiences and influences from around the world, Anastasia has established herself as a talented and innovative artist. Her ability to seamlessly blend different cultural elements into her creations sets her apart and makes her a true force in the contemporary art scene.

Artist Statement

Anastasia Ivanova is one of the remarkable and original artists. She has a unique vision and style that combines still and moving images, creating captivating and immersive narratives. Her work explores various themes, such as identity, memory, culture, and spirituality, with a poetic and philosophical approach. She has a keen eye for detail and composition, as well as a mastery of technical skills and tools.

Her talents extend beyond the realm of photography; she is an accomplished writer, photographer, and artist with a unique ability to communicate her ideas and insights effectively. Her contributions to the world of visual arts are not only commendable but also inspiring.

Beyond her artistic talents, Anastasia is a gifted writer, with numerous essays and stories published on the subjects of photography, art, and relationships. Her ability to articulate complex ideas and insights sets her apart as a versatile and valuable artist. Her written work provides valuable context and depth to her photographic creations, enriching the viewer's understanding and appreciation of her art.

Ms. Ivanova's photography is truly remarkable. Her photographic explorations into the relationship between vegetarians and food are thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. Her ability to convey intricate emotions and ideas through her surreal and evocative images is a testament to her artistic maturity and proficiency. Her work challenges conventional perspectives and encourages viewers to contemplate their attitudes toward food and its ethical implications.

What distinguishes Anastasia's work is not only its artistic excellence but also her capacity to inspire and collaborate effectively with others. She fosters a collaborative and supportive atmosphere within her creative teams, resulting in the production of outstanding and thought-provoking art.

Anastasia's achievements as an artist have not gone unnoticed. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries, both nationally and internationally. She has earned recognition as the winner of the Seven Arts Contest 2023. In addition to winning the Seven Arts Contest 2023, she has been a finalist in several prestigious competitions, including the 50 Contemporary artists Asia and the Creativity's Prize.

Anastasia has expressed her interest and plans to work on some projects in the UK, such as a photo series about the British poet and musician Benjamin Zephaniah, and a photo series about the multicultural communities in London. She was also expected to exhibit her work at the Photographers' Gallery, among other venues.

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