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Alexey Kiryanov, artist (St. Petersburg) - about creativity
by SterhGallery, Apr 23, 2020
Exhibition-project "Parallel Reality. Coloured Dreams"
curator - V.O. Nazan,
UIA MKDC - Sterkh Gallery of Contemporary Art - 2020


The Work of a Master. Alexey Kiryanov
by Ilona Vashkelite, Nov 25, 2021
TV channel Russia. 2000 (approx)


by Viktor Borisov, Feb 20, 2016
"TWO IN PASTELS" is the second joint project of artists Alexey Kiryanov and Ekaterina Posetselskaya. Both artists have been working in pastels for many years. Alexey uses oil pastels, and Ekaterina uses dry pastels. Pastel is a material, on the one hand, very grateful, because the palette is wide and even a person who does not know how to draw can make it "beautiful"....


Artist Alexey Kiryanov | Gallery 14/45
by artgallery1445, Nov 2, 2011


Famous artist from St. Petersburg Alexey Kiryanov tells about the gallery "Form and Bronze"
by Alexey Kiryanov, Apr 4, 2021


by Alexey Kiryanov, Mar 27, 2021


Kiryanov Alexey
by Alexander Smolyaninov, Feb 8, 2018


Preparation for the exhibition "TEDDY FUN". O. Lakhina and A. Kiryanov Premiered Mar 18, 2021
ART EVENTS with Svetlana Romanova


Opening of the exhibition "Loneliness of the City".
Alexey Kiryanov's speech
by Elena Tarasenko, May 16, 2015
 The exhibition of Alexey Kiryanov and Ekaterina Posetselskaya "Loneliness of the City" was opened on 15th May 2015 in the gallery at 41 Mayakovsky Street


Exhibition "Craft Bazaar" in St. Petersburg, "TEDDY FUN"
by Alexey Kiryanov, Mar 28, 2021
Famous artist from St. Petersburg
presented his new project, together with the firm "KERSTENS",
Hempt T-Shirts with silk pictures


Alluvium on Lake Razliv
by Bellona. Ecology, Nov 13, 2012
Aleksey Kiryanov, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Zerkalo" talks about the alluvial area that has recently appeared on Lake Razliv in Sestroretsk (Resort district of St. Petersburg).


A. Kiryanov about crooks and thieves of the Sestroretsk alluvium
by Insnws, May 6, 2012
Speech by the famous artist Alexey Kiryanov at public hearings on the alluvium of artificial islands in the Gulf of Finland on 04.05.2012 in the administration of the Resort district of St. Petersburg. This scam is being implemented by Severo-Zapad Invest LLC, controlled by the oligarchs Timchenko, Mikhelson and Simanovsky. The lobbyist of the project was Valentina Matviyenko, who was shamefully removed from St. Petersburg.


07 best!!! Non-rally in support of political prisoners. Petersburg. 06/12/13.
by TVlive en, Jun 20, 2013
Alexey Kiryanov, an artist with his poster shares his thoughts.

Alexey Kiryanov. Painter. The fight against the raider seizure of the buildings of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg.
by Free Russia Foundation, Apr 10, 2020
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