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Victoria Kovalenchikova was born in 1978 in Mogilev (Belarus).  She lives and works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) since 2008.

The contemporary trend in her paintings is characterized by a figurative integration of abstract elements. Victoria uses “fragments of emotion” to express her individuality within the framework of urban views and landscapes.

Victoria explains her artwork as follows: “One walks to the favourite spot on the lake, but it is covered with litter. We inhale pollution instead of a flower fragrance. My new work is an outlook at the apocalyptic transformation of the world which surrounds us; creation of ecological crashes of the planet; shout in the cold infinity of cosmos. It is an attempt to understand and help humans by influencing them through the language of art. Maybe it will prevent desire to destruct and destroy life around us…”

Victoria’s work can be found at the Museum of Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Belarusian Contemporary Fine Art Museum, The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (all in Minsk, Belarus), Maslennikov Art Museum, Mogilev Regional Study of Local Lore Museum named after Romanov, Mogilev Museum of Ethnography (all in Mogilev, Belarus), Belarusian Embassy in Berlin, Germany; Belarusian Embassy in Hague, the Netherlands; in the collection of the municipality of Coevorden, the Netherlands; as well as in private collections in Germany, Polland, Russia, Belarus, UK, USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Lebanon and Switzerland.


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