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by Victoria Kovalenchikova, 2017


by ArtAboveReality, 2015
Victoria Kovalenchikova explains the creation of her latest piece titled "The Earth" at the 2015 LA Art Show


Gold Circle Map by Victoria Kovalenchikova, 2020
This short video is about the artist Victoria Kovalenchikova working on her latest painting at her studio during the quarantine


by Victoria Kovalenchikova, 2019


by Ljoedmila Van Vyve, 2020
Opening of the exposition of Victoria Kovalenchikova at the Grand Hotel Nachtegaal


by VKGallery, 2016


by Victoria Kovalenchikova, Atlantic Map, 2019


by Andrey Chkalov, 2011
Contemporary Art Museum of Belarus, Urbanistic Art of Victoria Kovalenchikova


by jacobkleyn, 2010
This video is made by Jacob Kleyn and shows Victoria Kovalenchikova and her paintings just before the opening of her Exhibition Reflected Reality. Location: Victoria Kovalenchikova Gallery, Ceintuurbaan 264 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


by VKGallery, 2015


by jacobkleyn, 2010


by Victoria Kovalenchikova, 2020


by Isaac Kean O'Neill, 2015
Victoria Kovalenchikova and Little Lady
Sweet song for Victoria...happy go lucky song for a sweet pretty lady


by Andrey Chkalov, 2011 (Russian)
Video about Victoria Kovalenchikova on the first national TV channel, Minsk, Belarus

by jacob arch, 2010
Vanity by Jacob Arch Recorded at the Gallery of Victoria Kovalenchikova

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