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Pancho Malezanov was born in Sofia in 1964. He graduated from Secondary Art School in Sofia in 1984. He participated in the exhibitions in major galleries in Sofia in 1988-1989.

..."As an artist Pancho Malezanov always prefers to interact with nature directly, but it is difficult to call him a landscape artist in the exact meaning of the term. He is not interested in particular details, but prefers to unite the entire scenery through a randomly situated point of view, which does not take into account the horizon line or the static position from which each natural object is seen. This point of view almost always has a peculiar “bird’s plan view”, which allows him to contemplate a panoramic scene. This is a “bird’s eye vision” where the retina captures separate aspects of reality during the very flight. Consequently, it is difficult to imagine the author’s micro cosmos via traditional concepts as up, down, left or right. In Bulgarian painting only the Great Kazakov has ever dared to depict nature in this way. Nevertheless, Malezanov is not his imitator but a true continuer of this graphic principle."

Art critic Maximilian Kirov, 5 November 1993

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