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The artist Pancho Malezanov was born in Sofia in 1964. Immediately after completing his secondary education at art school in the capital in 1984, he began to exhibit his paintings in exhibitions an leading galleries around Sofia. Over the years, he has participated in many prestigious exhibitions in galleries such as “Ata-Ray”, “Art 36”, “Makta,” “Iris,” “Natalie” and also in the National Assembly. Abroad, his paintings have been shown in the Bulgarian cultural institutes in London and Berlin, as well as in exhibitions in a number of other countries, including the US and Britain.

2020 – Evdokia art gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 – Arsenal of Arts Gallery, Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture
2018 – Nuance Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2017 – Art Moore House, London U.K.
2017 - Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, United Kingdom
2016 – Pentimento Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 – Nataly Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014 – Artamoncev Gallery Sofia Bulgaria
2011- Anima Art Gallery Hilton Sofia Bulgaria
2011- Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, United Kingdom
2008- Gallery Ikar Sofia Bulgaria
2007- Bulgarian Cultural Institute-Berlin Germany
2004 - Avant-garde Gallery, Plovdiv
2004 - Apollo and Mercury Gallery, Sofia
2003 - Iridium Gallery, Sofia
2003 - Draca Gallery, Sofia
2001 - Monitor Daily Gallery, Sofia
2000 - Municipality Gallery, Varna
2000 - Art 36 Gallery, Sofia
2000 - Draca Gallery, Sofia
2000 - Romfeya Gallery, Plovdiv
1998 - Art Club Gallery, Sofia
1998 - Gallery of the Bulgarian National Assembly
1997 - Ata-Ray Gallery Sheraton Hotel, Sofia
1997 - Macta Gallery, Sofia
1996 - Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia
1995 - Macta Gallery, Sofia
1994 - Macta Gallery, Sofia
1993 - Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia
1992 – Mericas Gallery, Athens, Greece

2018 - Art fair Lausanne
2017, Antwerp Art Fair, Antwerp, Belgium
2016 - Hay Hill Gallery London U.K.

2016 - Autumn
arts Salon, Wadenoijen, Netherlands
2015 - Hay Hill Gallery London U.K.
2015 -
Slater Memorial Museum Norwich CT
2014 – Hay Hill Gallery London U.K.
2013 – Hay Hill Gallery London U.K.
2013 Makta Art Gallery Kempinski Hotel Sofia Bulgaria
2005 – Apolonia Arts Festival, Bulgaria
2003 – Delight Hamilton Gallery, Seattle, WA (US)
2002 – Gettysburg, PA (US)
2001 – Washington, D.C.
2001 – Aleksey von Schlippe Gallery, Univ. of Connecticut, New London, CT (US)

Pancho Malezanov’s wild cars have broken into the gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute - London!

I have read that designers strive to give character to cars, often inspired by nature - sometimes their headlights look like the eyes of an owl or an eagle, grills snarling predatorily like shark’s teeth, the body curved like a purring kitten orsleek like a hungry tiger ... not to mention the many horses under the bonnet ...

It is this nature of cars, including some of the most expensive and vintage brands, that artist Pancho Malezanov unveils his new series "(Auto) portraits".

First of all, because he has experience with painting animals and knows their desires well. Secondly, because he sees their characters embodied in metal, leather and glass. The result is futuristic – a car, yet behind the windows, the character of a powerful untamed beast is revealed. Not always, of course.

How can you not trust a brand whose radiator grill is coloured like a rainbow, whose multicoloured lights wink at you, all stemming from Malezanov’s imagination.  He has managed to turn the car into a living creature who prowls around the urban jungle.

You will stand up and pay attention after seeing such a car. And you’ll be sorry that you drive a boring black or white machine. No problem – simply listen and take inspiration on how to bring colour to your life and to your car from this exhibition. If you do not want to take a risk with an insanely expensive classic brand, at least you can hang up your own Malezanov artwork on your wall and lift your mood by how he intertwines technique with technology, combining the flamboyant cars with detailed back stories and turns them into colourful toys for a grown boy’s room.

Mila Vacheva, the newspaper "24 Hours"

"After the Corona" with the colourful optimism of Pancho Malezanov

"A smiling painting that Pancho always manages to surprise and that never leaves you indifferent," says curator Vanya Kubadinska about the artist's latest exhibition at the Evdokia Gallery.

IMPRESSO, 3 June 2020

The artist Pancho Malezanov among his paintings at the opening of the exhibition "After the Corona"
on June 3 at the Evdokia Gallery in Sofia (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

The Evdokia Art Glass Gallery (120 GS Rakovski Street) in the capital has reopened its doors for connoisseurs of fine arts.

The new beginning is set with the painting of Pancho Malezanov with the thematic name "After the Corona". The opening took place on June 3, and the exhibition can be seen there until June 26, 2020.

The artist Pancho Malezanov among his paintings at the opening of the exhibition
 "After the Corona" in the capital gallery "Evdokia" (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

The organizers have complied with all requirements and have taken the necessary safety measures for visitors.

The author's colourful paintings will help us bring back the colours in our souls and touch the real art again, according to the Evdokia Gallery (120 GS Rakovski Street).

And here is what curator Vanya Kubadinska says about the exhibition "After the Corona":

“The author, who donated the funds from his favourite painting in support of the first-line medics in the fight against the coronavirus, called his performance "After the Corona".

"Optimistic, colorful, painter!" This is how the artist portrays himself.

Pancho's paintings are not just a dance of colours on the canvas, but highly influential experiences, reflections from different world metropolises, exciting natural views, exotic birds, flowers and animals. And all this springs with unsuspected energy and fills the space of the gallery "Evdokia" with a special dynamic that draws viewers into the emotional worlds of the author.

A smiling painting with which Pancho always manages to surprise and which never leaves you indifferent. And how could it be? Oil, pastels and acrylics build fabulous landscapes, stilllifes, animal portraits and retro cars. Blue is its trademark and main building colour, but together with it, pink, red and orange form its specific colour.

And he is lively, gushing from all corners of his paintings, in which we look through a "bird's eye" - a mixture of different perspectives and points of view that make us see the world in several dimensions and time points simultaneously. And to believe that there is a future."




Art Fair Lausanne

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtPanchoMalezanov/

Life and work at the balcony (video): https://www.facebook.com/pancho.malezanov/videos/10158437620608936/

 'Krum Savov Live', 3rd July 2020


In "Krum Savov Live" the host Krum Savov, together with Maya Savova, talk to the artist Pancho Malezanov. He talks about the project "The Balcony of the Artist" and the exhibition "After The Corona". He also spoke about the Fathers for Responsible Parenting organization.

Turin and Pasha are also guests in the show. They present the songs "Convertible" and "Te Amo".

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