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About Gala Moskvitina

Critics qualify Gala Moskvitina’s art as Laternative Realism (derived from Latin words “light” and “nature”). Laternative Realism belongs to Objective Art, defined by a famous philosopher George Gurdjieff in the last century. Objective Art works with the highest, universal tasks that have ever been tackled by humanity. It deals with consciousness, soul, spirit and heart. It is concerned with peace, eternity, immortality, happiness and love.

Gala invented Laternative Realism, she is the only artist in the world who works in this style and there is good reason behind it. She won public acclaim as a graphic artist and book illustrator early in life. Nearly 70 books were published with her illustrations including the complete works of W. Shakespeare and other titles of world classics. But one day she left her glittering career, family and city life and went to the East for 15 years. There, in distant monasteries of China and ashrams of India, Gala inquired into spiritual meaning of life, real higher awareness and true power.

Recently she reappeared at the art scene in a different capacity. Now she lavishly shares with the viewers her spiritual findings and discoveries through her artistic works called Lightanghs (the word is derived from «light» and «anchor»). These paintings are peculiar anchors of the soul’s light on Earth. Moskvitina’s Laternative Realism is dedicated to the inquest of such concepts as Light, Luminance and Luminescence. Gala’s canvases are really meditative pieces.

Spiritual transformation attained by Gala in the monasteries of the East revealed to her, that the light that people see is only a reflection of the true spiritual Light, of which the whole Universe and all of us are made. And the best thing that can ever happen to a living being is a union with the real life-giving source, the infinite light of awareness.

Moskvitina’s art inspires people to uplift their own soul and spirit. In the presence of Gala’s Lightanghs a viewer can experience his own light, feel the voice of his own consciousness, understand the power of his own heart. Gala’s Laternative Realism is a gift to those of us who want to develop their potential abilities, contact their true power, and find real love and fullness of being. Her work is not just a harmony of colours created by an artist’s masterful hand, but a message of Light, a true Art of the Heart.

Objective Art

A famous philosopher George Gurdjieff gave definition to this phenomenon in the last century. Objective art is the art of the Spirit. It deals with the highest challenge faced by man, that is to know one's true source, one's true Self. Objective art is a timeless phenomenon. Examples of this art can be found in all periods of time and among all nations.

The most famous example is the Pyramids of Egypt or musical pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach. In architecture the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona created by Gaudi can be given as an example. In cinema it is the movies by Andrei Tarkovsky and in literature it is the Japanese haiku poetry. However, these examples do not appear as often as one may wish for. Each manifestation of Objective art produces a huge impact on humanity awakening consciousness and energy in people, revealing to them their own powers, talents and possibilities.

It is natural, that people always need Objective art, which is beyond time and above time. Humanity goes trough different stages of its history in the process of constant development. Beacons of Objective art give their light to people across the ages, and one of such beacons is creative work by Gala Moskvitina.

Features of the Objective Art of Gala Moskvitina

Moskvitina’s Objective art is also called The Art of Heart - as Gala invokes in her paintings the subtlest basis of our existence, the infinite light that gives birth to all beings in all worlds. The artist believes that humanity will be saved only if it becomes aware of the oneness of this basis, if it becomes connected to the source of its consciousness. For it is there, above and beyond the manifested world, that lies the source of our powers, abilities and talents. It is from that space that every day and night comes and it is there that they dissolve. Love, compassion, happiness, peace, bliss, and contentment – all these qualities do not come from the body. They are letters of the soul that reach us across the materiality of our existence. A man is not only a body. A small body conceals the infinite potentiality of the soul, with all its light, power and immortality. But how can a person squeezed in the grip of work schedule in the day-to-day big city life come into contact with all these things?

It is for this purpose that Gala creates her Lightanghs. Her paintings are a spiritual gift to humanity. In them the artist sums up her experiences and revelations that she received over the years of her seclusion. These are letters about the spirit addressed to the soul of each one of us. These are letters about our nature of infinite consciousness and light. The artist does not give this light through her paintings. It is impossible and there is no need for this as each one of us already has it. Near Gala's Lightanghs a viewer with a quiet mind and a pure heart can experience his own light, hear the voice of his own soul and perceive the nature his own spirit. Gala’s paintings are beacons pointing out to man his own nature and showing that light illuminates the shores of his own soul.

How does it happen? Just pause near these paintings with a quiet heart, with no rush and listen to your self. A person himself chooses experiences that he wants to get in his life. Gala wishes all to choose the best, the highest – to choose the voice of one's heart, to find the path of one's soul.

The importance of Objective art of Gala Moskvitina in the times of crises and challenges

In crisis periods of human history, such as the one we are going through at the present time, it always comes to the fore things which in good times stays imperceptible, existing like the foundation of a house. The foundation is the basis of the building, but it is invisible to the eye, resting under the walls and roof. Nevertheless, in times of natural disasters, when the wind of changes blows away the house, residents can hope only for the strength of the foundation.

The foundations of every living being are his spiritual roots, which are the true essence, the eternal and unchanging stratum. It is on this eternal spirit foundation the instant flowers of life are growing. Only the one who has realized the primordial in himself, the one who is aware of himself from the very foundation, is not blown away by any winds.

To realise the own spiritual nature, it is not necessary to train any yoga complex or sophisticated practices. The main thing is to find an oasis of silence in oneself and relax enough in it for calm look inside. Then a person discover that just there the true treasures which stay beyond the control of outside world are hidden.

The pieces of Objective art are letters written from the state of clean spirit, from being at peace with oneself, from the silence of mind and emotions, from calmness and freedom from false hopes. It is this kind of art that can help humanity to live in an era of crises and challenges, which is why Gala Moskvitina's paintings are especially valuable right now.

In the presence of Gala's lightanghs, the attentive viewer receives inspiration and direction for meeting with himself, hidden deep inside, and to discover in himself the indestructible eternal foundation of his own home. Then, having found this spiritual foundation of being and having met himself there, a person gets the opportunity for calm and unhurried rebuilding the outer walls of conditions of his life really according to his intentions. Only the one who is connected to his real basis is fully, totally alive. This connection with the true self is the beginning of a real life and real freedom, love and happiness. This freedom is not feuding with anyone, this love never ends, this happiness eternally grows in itself.

Series description

Gala Moskvitina’s exhibition showcases paintings belonging to different series. Among them:

Sundogs Series

Living beings are much more than just a complex mechanism of physical body. Each person is a reflection of the Sun, a crystallization of the Light of consciousness. Each living being is a blueprint, where consciousness of Light expresses itself for its own infinite play.

Transparent Soul Series

It is necessary to make one’s mind transparent to know one’s true essence, to attain one’s true power and infinite love. Then our worldly attachments, desires and passions will not cover our own true being made out of limitless power and endless spiritual Light.

Sparkles Series

They say that a fish swimming in the ocean does not know that it lives in water. Exactly the same people do not notice that they live in the Light of consciousness. Nevertheless, sparkles of this consciousness are available to everyone. Our luminous nature patiently waits to be discovered within us. Light is eternal and it can wait forever, but how much time is available to us? We live in time and our life term is limited. The Sparkles Series translates Light from the concept of eternity into the language of time – each painting mentions a point of time when you can experience your own Light most intensely.

Sundrops Letters Series

This is the most abstract series of Gala Moskvitina’s Lightanghs. These are letters of consciousness directed at viewers’ heart. Breaking the barriers of mind, personality and individuality, these letters are meant to bring us immediate message of Light and love. One can say that this is a message of transcendental nature to itself. Spiritual Light does not contradict our material life. It is its primordial fundamental basis and support. In this transcendence lies the source of our power and all our abilities.











The Orion Nebula.
You can't see anything like this from Earth, photo taken by the Hubble telescope
(from the exhibition of Galyna Moskvitina at Arcane ART Gallery)

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