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Galyna (Gala) Moskvitina has a glittering career as a graphic artist, painter and illustrator. Born in Kiev, her illustration works have appeared in nearly 70 books published in the former Soviet Union, including classics, fiction and children’s literature. Her public work reached a high point with solo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad in 1991.

Galyna decided suddenly after 1991 to redirect her life towards an intense reflection on her own spirituality, and she withdrew from the art scene and her homeland. She spent the next fifteen years on a series of personal meditative pilgrimages in the monasteries of China and the ashrams of India, discovering ancient knowledge and experimenting with different practices that could lead to spiritual perfection.

At the same time, she continues to develop her artistic practice as a way of communicating to the wider world about the inner truths she has discovered.

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philosophy of the artist:

- love

- freedom

- consciousness

- objective art

- laternative realism

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