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Helen Warner was born in Southampton, UK. She studied Art, Sport Studies and Human Biology at college and being a passionate runner, subsequently completed a degree in Sports Studies at DeMontfort University in Bedford, which encompassed elements of Human Psychology and Sociology.

Helen started to re-embrace her innate creativity and attended an art class in Southampton to allow her to re-discover her creative path. Since then, her career as an artist has been an intense and emotional journey.

"There is so much I could say about my artwork but I choose not to because my paintings and sculptures should speak for themselves. I like the viewer to see what they see and therefore this enables my artwork to have an unlimited potential to open minds. I love to shut my studio door behind me and shut out the outside world. The silence is wonderful to me.

Many subjects and emotions inspire and compel me to paint and create it's a continuous journey of exploration. It's all about and in the creativity".

Helen Warner

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