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"My World has been locked down before the whole world locked down".

In the sculpture Feelings 2 there are many objects symbolising my feelings. I felt the need to paint the world red and to have the candle and candlestick and the drinking glass that are on top of the bigger mirror joined together. I felt the need to have rope and chain and to fix the rope and chain around the world and to have a padlock on the world and also have the chain attached to another padlock inside the drinking glass.

I also fixed belts, masks, other candles, other drinking glasses, keys, padlocks, two clocks without hands, two mirrors, a glove and other objects to Feelings 2. There is a smaller mirror lower down in the sculpture which is also reflecting some objects and also my signature. I also choose to paint around my hands or fingers all over Feelings 2. I even painted around my fingers onto the bigger mirror towards the top of the sculpture. I love the way that the mannequin head with the world on its head and all the other objects reflect back at each other because they are on top of the mirror.

I felt the need to express my feelings using my own objects/possessions or objects that were given to me by people close to me and then fixing them together. It was important to me to use my own personal objects/possessions as much as possible. Although I often wondered what to do if I had no possessions left to use so I decided that whatever new objects/possessions I come across, get given or purchase in life they would become personal objects once they have been around me or people close to me for at least a while so I was happy with that.


My world has been locked down for quite a few years but I am not the only one whose World has been locked down before the whole world locked down. There are people whose worlds have been locked down for more years than mine.

Helen Warner

Sculpture "Feelings 2" has been selected for the London Art Biennale 2023 (visit please https://www.londonbiennale.co.uk/2023/final-selection-for-the-london-art-biennale-2023/).

The letter of 28th July 2023 sent to the London Art Biennale team.

" Hi,

As you know I came into the Chelsea town Hall yesterday (the 27th of July 2023) to remove my Sculpture and take it home where it is safe.

I was angry on the 26th of July 2023 as when I first viewed my Sculpture at the private view the head of the Sculpture was facing away from the entrance the the side room (the room it was in) it was in a ridiculous position . So I turned its position to get the face of the head facing towards the entrance of the side room. I was also extremely angry that I witnessed two people put drinking glasses on top of my Sculpture. One of the people I think knew one of the Artists that had his work next to mine. This was utterly disgusting and I feel it was purposely done as people cannot accidently put a drinking glass on top of a Sculpture? I just cannot believe it happened. When I got back to the hotel that night I was very concerned someone would purposely damage my Artwork this is the main reason I removed my Sculpture yesterday. It was terrible to witness my work being insulted like that and I cannot help think it was purposely planned. I know my work was a threat to all the other Artists works.

I feel my work was downplayed and put to the side because if it was in the main room (where it should have been as its clearly the best Sculpture in the Exhibition) it would have stolen the attention away from the Artists works in there. My Sculpture should have received the top award (the winner) or the Sculpture award. I know that and I don't need anyone's approval. I also certainly do not need an award after my name to prove how good my work is. However I have pulled out of receiving an award because I know yourselves will not award me what the Sculpture deserves.

Marie commented to me as I was leaving that I am too suspicious. I am untrusting at times but I am also intuitive. I didn't like the way Marie communicated to me before I delivered my Sculpture (hence it seemed that she was discouraging me) and I was extremely close to not delivering the Sculpture on the 24th of July 2023 because of the unfair treatment but Marie and me had a conversation and I thought it was resolved. But how my work was positioned and the highly disrespectful behaviour towards my work on the 26th of July 2023 (hence witnessing two people put drinking glasses on top of my Sculpture while I was right next to the Sculpture was an absolute insult). I also cannot help but think it was some sort of set up or another Artist planned it because why would anyone going to an "Museum quality Exhibition" put drinking glasses on top of an Artist's work? No one can accidently put a drinking glass on top of a Sculpture so thus it was purposely done. Yourselves should have made sure that there were more staff taking away peoples drinking glasses and also more security around to stop people behaving the way they did but I sorted it out myself and confronted the people. If it was a Picasso or Dali work you wouldn't allow people to behave like that and thus that's how yourselves should have treated everyone's work. It is very strange that before I delivered my Artwork Marie even commented that my work could get damaged. I really think she didn't want my work there. 
When I left with my Sculpture Marie commented that they did there best for me I commented "no you didn't, it's a masterpiece" and walked off with my Sculpture.

Yourselves either need a bigger space or employ more staff on the night to make sure your Museum show isn't made to look like some sort of night club where people can just place drinking glasses on top of Sculptures. There were so many people inside that Hall that night I could hardly get through everyone.

I wouldn't be surprised if Artists work got damaged that evening as I was going around that night angry communicating my Anger I do remember some people  commenting that work had been scratched. Yourselves should make sure that behaviour like this doesn't happen.

Pull me out of the competition please as the only award I deserved was either the Winner or the Sculpture award. I certainly would not want to have my work displayed by yourselves again or with the Italian museum if yourselves do not treat the Artists and Artworks with the respect that it deserves.

Helen Warner"

"To be clear about some of my wording in the video my Sculpture is not a table it is a Mixed Media Sculpture. The table used is part of the Sculpture. It is the base used to express my Feelings in a symbolic way. Also that the staff member that seemed to discourage me before delivering my Sculpture referred to it as a table because the person stated the words 'come on bring in your table I am curious to see it'. My comment to the staff member now is that it is not a table it is a Sculpture and people do not have permission to eat or drink off of the Sculpture. Hence no one should have put drinking glasses on top of my Sculpture". - Helen Warner

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