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Amanda Wigglesworth’s work is based on paint as process; layers of oil paint, collage and textured pastes are painstakingly applied to the canvas over time. By taking paint off and reapplying, an image is built up and simultaneously disrupted as new layers are applied and removed. Primarily process driven, her work plays with the way paint runs, settles and layers, creating interactions between underlying forms and colours. The result is a harmony of colour and texture, revealing paintings of depth that although abstract, have definite forms, shapes and figures.

Amanda’s work is more aesthetic and sensual than conceptual, allowing subjective interpretation by the viewer. Universal forms, including the subliminal influences of landscape, natural form, architecture and personal memory are a key tenet. Through these, her work becomes self revelatory as the viewer finds meaning in the intoxicating blend of colour, texture and abstract figurative forms.

Born in Wilmslow in 1960 Amanda holds a BA (Hons) History of Art and Design with Practice from Manchester Metropolitan, and has exhibited widely in both group and solo shows.


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