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Mauro Federico Romero Bayter
'Urban Labyrinths'
1 - 27 February 2016

Federico Romero Bayter was born in 1981 in Santa Fe of Bogota, Colombia. He moved to Italy to study and he graduated with honours at the Academy of Brera in Milan. He currently lives and works in Genoa, Italy.

He considers himself a drawer before a painter. Everything starts with a draw; in his works Bayter reinvents the nature of the city, with its squares, its bridges, its lights and its shadows. In some of his paintings the artist uses bright colours like red, blue and green that warm up the atmosphere.

Federico Bayter combines both the Latin American and the Italian culture in a rich polyphony of colours, suggestions and signs.

The exhibition is held alongside the Hay Hill Gallery’s sculpture collection, featuring works by contemporary and modern sculptors.


E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com