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Art as a Derivative IV The Art of Trade Negotiation

This new Art as a Derivative series is about negotiating trade deals; a specific and highly specialised skills-set, one that UK plc has not had to employ by and for itself since its accession to the EEC/EU in the 1970s. The paintings address global trade structures and the subtleties of international power-broking. It doesn't take sides, it just gets to the heart of the matter.

There are 8 paintings in the series, each measuring 105x105cm. Each artwork addresses a specific element in the process of constructing and priming an effective negotiating team. There are facts and figures: references to rules and regulations, protocols, directives and schedules but not too many. In essence, Art as a Derivative IV The Art of Trade Negotiation takes an entertaining, informative and comprehensive approach to what is perhaps one of the most pressing matters of our time.


catalogue (issuu)

catalogue (pdf)
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