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Art as a Derivative I - The Financial Crisis Show
14 paintings, 20,000 words, one conclusion...


Larry McGinity is a London-based artist who has been making art since 1986.

Since 2010 he has placed the analysis and depiction of financial markets at the centre of his art practice. In 2010 Larry McGinity began a new series of paintings driven by his growing interest in the way economists, financial journalists and market players explained the ongoing financial crisis. He extensively researched financial media in the UK, US and Europe going back to 2007. He also attended conferences and seminars in order to understand financial markets and practices such as High Frequency Trading and Forex.

He is currently creating a fifth series of artworks concerning a crucial aspect of private wealth management,


artist's statement

leaflet (pdf)

The Panama Canal Expansion


Art as a Derivative II - Footsie 100 Squared


Art as a Derivative III - The Hedge Fund Industry


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Art as a Derivative V - Single Family Office


Bible Paintings 1994-1997


Story of the Ancient Lovers 1997-1999


The Village Series 2001-2004


Devils and Flowers 2004-2007


And Moreover I Saw 2008-2009

Revelation 2009-2010

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