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philosophy of the artist:


Text 1

All bodies that are born, will die. Did you think that your personal body is immortal? Ancestors of your body died. How is your body different from theirs? What do you think of it? If a person’s consciousness is limited to the life and adventures of his body, he will be finished together with his body, and his life will last only a few decades. If a person attained a consciousness of the soul, he would shed his body as a worn out costume and would undergo further adventures of some new rebirths.

There is a question here – why is man not aware of his divinity? This knowledge is not forbidden. There are thousands of books and teachers. The reason is that each being gets exactly what it wants. So long as it revels in the adventures of the body, it undergoes not only happiness but the whole amount of pain, grief and suffering peculiar to this level of consciousness. But this happens only until the being really wishes to attain the highest.

Text 2

Awareness is a recovery from an association of the notion of “I” with the body, mind, emotions, ideas, bliss – the list could go on forever, until all notions are enumerated and exhausted. A person’s mind, associated as it is with the body, is busy with comparisons and oppositions to everything and everyone. As soon as some point in space is accepted as “I”, there is an immediate separation into higher and lower, material and spiritual, oneself and others, against this point.

The association of “I” with human body and mind can be said to be an illness of awareness, and what a person calls the “ordinary material world” is just dreams and fantasies reflected by an extremely limited perception. The “highest spirituality” does not contradict the “ordinary material world of a person”. It totally and for ever transcends that world, just as the nightmares of a person totally lose their logic, power and reality in the daytime.

Text 3

There are things like love, bliss, freedom, immortality but they cannot be sorted out at the level of human mind. The human mind was born out of war that one “I” limited by the body leads with the other identical “I”. Its function is war. But love is mergence, a total absence of difference born out of the absence of notion of “the other”. It is not like a rough person dominating those with milder characters; it is not a competition with the one that happens to reflect one’s own passion; it is not an idea held in one’s mind.

In the context of human relationships it is the one who loves that seems to be the looser, or the weak one. Verily, love is surrender, reconciliation, a continuous giving away of one’s light and oneself. The Bible also says: “Love bears all things, believes all things, and endures all things…” Remember? If somebody really wants love, let me warn him: nothing else will help but enlightenment.

Love manifests itself in your life only when you yourself become love. It is possible only when consciousness is everything, and everything is consciousness. Then all bodies are mine, and all worlds are mine. Then creation and dissolution of all worlds and beings are processes within me, and not outside.

Can a person hurt his one hand with the other? Or can he knock his own tooth out? Can a person steal his own umbrella? No! Because his “I” encompasses all hands, teeth and umbrellas. Therefore it can be said that both hands feel his divine love in equal measure. The same is true for awareness. All worlds, manifested within him, will experience equal love and protection. Such love as described in the Bible really does not betray or bear malice. It is eternal, changeless and never ceases to exist.

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