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philosophy of the artist:

Laternative Realism

Laternative Realism as an expression of objective art is a kind of pitchfork, an attunement of correct correlation of all aspects of man’s consciousness. The purpose of laternative realism is to induce objectivity in the consciousness of the viewer that can be attained at the juncture of manifested external cosmos, the unmanifested inner space, and basic fundamental carrier frequency of cosmic consciousness.

Man has three basic states of consciousness: waking, dreaming and dreamless sleeping state. The one who mastered all three states of his consciousness attains the fourth state called Turiya in the East and then goes beyond… The one who mastered his consciousness is happy and free.

In the West people neglected their inner space in favour of the external world. In the East it’s the other way around: they have abandoned the external life for the sake of inner cosmos. As a result, there is no integral consciousness anywhere and consequently no abundance of being and happiness in life.

Consciousness of modern man is broken into parts, fragmented. Exactly for this reason a man has no access to his inner cosmos at daytime, he is isolated from the external at night and the potential of the dreamless sleeping state is totally ignored. Man is not aware of his limits and cannot realize his opportunities. It is similar to the dark side of the Moon. You can see the bright side only from one location — from Earth. Not until you go higher where you can see the Moon completely. Humanity today realises that diverse points of view are necessary to start seeing the inner cosmos and living in it in the same way as in the external space. Integration of the outer and the inner cosmos allows man to reach his own fullness.

Today’s material civilization cannot provide man with a sufficient number and quality of impressions necessary for cultivation of integrated consciousness, therefore, objective art and Laternative Realism are so precious as they work exactly in this direction.’’

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