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philosophy of the artist:


Text 1

Every person is a citizen of the country of his love. If his love is enough only for his family – than everything beyond it is foreign for him. If somebody’s love is enough to embrace the whole country – then his limits coincide with political borders. Is it possible to divide the sky? Can there be a English sky, an Italian sky or an Indian sky? The sun rising above India in four hours will be above your head in England.

Earth is such a small place if you love its dwellers – people, animals, trees, clouds, rivers and mountains. In this case, for you, the foreign territory will encompass everything beyond the planet Earth. But can these borders be seen? Rockets fly through the cosmos but they have never come across any borders drawn in time and space.

Love all beings, all worlds, the whole cosmos - and the notions of “foreign” and “alien” will disappear from your mind for ever, and you will become a friend to all living beings. Then you will be entitled to become a legitimate citizen of the Universe.  

Text 2

What is “Love of love”, and how it is different from “Love of passion”?

In the East there is a saying, describing “Love of love”: There are 15 holes, but only one heart. This seemingly vulgar saying is wonderful in its expressiveness. Two bodies, male and female, together have 15 holes. But if two hearts have merged into one – then there is one integral organism.

What people at present call “relationships” is in reality a constant struggle, where a winner and a loser keep swapping places. Every ego strives to become central and to always have its point. Isolation of human heart is securely guarded by the bastions of ego.

If you ask anyone whether he wants love, he will answer: Yes, sure. However, love is not what one gets, but what one gives. If two people surrender to each other unconditionally, the bastions of ego are getting destroyed. Then a bridge is built between their hearts. This is the initial manifestation of the cosmic energy of love. The deeper it goes, the more these two people surrender not so much to each other, than to this one single love.

This is the perpetual motion machine. There is no use in searching for it somewhere else. Having started once, the Love of love only grows stronger with time. Sooner or later it transcends the limits of time and merges into eternity, giving immortality to the one heart that has one day started its breath out of two parts.

But even in the very beginning the couple blessed with such love is by several orders happier than ordinary human norm. When the heart is one, none in such couple can hurt, injure or betray the other, because it is equal to hurting, injuring and betraying oneself. When Love of love comes, the so-called “relationships” come to an end. There are no fights, no struggle and no contradictions. There is only the eternal oneness, mergence and expansion.

If you think that such thing happened to you but came to an end, then it was not love. A satiated passion melts into indifference; a rejected passion transforms itself into anger. Passion is an expression of energy of the eternal struggle of the unity and struggle of opposites. It is a different energy, but it is as eternal as a humble oneness and confluence of love.

Text 3

In order to talk about true love we need to separate the very notion of love from numerous additions heaped on it by society. For example, the expression “to make love” in reality means “to make sex”. Everybody knows it, but everybody pretends not to know what they really make. At a time when sexual revolutions have long been victorious, there is no use to prudishly hide some areas of your life. So what is it all about?

There are different energies, groups of energies, energy flows and energy layers in cosmos. Love belongs to one of the basic fundamental energy layers structuring cosmos. This energy is not connected to some specific world or type of living beings. People mistaken passion for love, but passion belongs to a totally different range of energy. This range is associated with a number of large mammals inhabiting one of the numerous worlds – the Earth. That is, it is a very narrow, specific range of energy.

Passion belongs to instinctive energies. It secures procreation of species. If we talk about humans, passion is employed in the service of the common ego of humanity. Passion serves your personal interests, and nature has taken a good care of it. For instance, scientists have measured with their devices what parts of human brain switch off when passion starts operating. The ego of humanity is a very ancient formation in comparison with the individuality of a present-day person. It was formed when the modern civilization was nowhere near in sight. Therefore the energy of passion absolutely ignores priorities and circumstances in the life of a present-day person and is more likely to create chaos and problems than harmony and happiness.

Conditions and limits of propriety in human society have been historically undergoing constant changes, but instinctive energies preceding the origins of species remain changeless for millions of years. For this reason each society stipulates a code of conduct or taboos regulating passion, to somehow adjust it to the present way of living. This gives origin to various marriage laws and customs in different nations of the Earth.

As far as love is concerned, it seems that over the entire history of development of modern civilization the discovery of love is happening in society for the first time right now. The same is true for an individual mind as well as attempts to develop an individual personality in each person.

Text 4

Let’s talk about love. The energy of love has absolutely different attributes that the energy of passion. It is not worth mixing apples and oranges. Love is the energy that structures worlds and sets them in motion. It is the energy that moves the immortal soul around cosmos. Broadly speaking, your present stand in life is a reflection of the formula of your love. The energy of love is the greatest collector balancing the entire cosmic creation.

Love never fights. It merges. One can say that the energy of love is the muscles of the soul shifting its attention around different worlds.

Text 5

The one who has love in him will always abide in love. His life will be blessed by happiness, harmony and fullness of being. His passion, his sleep, his work and his breath will be sanctified by love. But even the closest members of his family who do not possess this quality of love will not be able to perceive his happiness. Love as energy belonging to the highest fundamental aspects of existence can be anchored by consciousnesss of those who have contact with their souls.

Love brings the feeling of happiness and bliss to the one who loves and not to his beloved. As a rule, love of such person does not concentrate only on the subject of his passion. If he already has love in him, it will be reflected everywhere in the world for him: the sky and birds, clouds, stars, plants and flowers will reveal their ancient secrets to him. Gods will become his friends and will bring him the nectar of heaven. Such person will become the heart of his Universe where each being will have a place of peace. Morning and evening, day and night will both bring him fulfillment and comfort. All worlds will reveal to him their mysteries.

But those who want only passion can continue to believe that they make love, and also fight, struggle, cheat, lie and betray each other. They can destroy each others’ faith and betray hope. They dump the beloved of yesterday for some new short-lived thing; they abandon their own children. Their life is a song of rivelry and struggle. The thing that will be missing is happiness… and life… Could they ever experience what happiness is, what life is; will they ever find meaning in their existence if they have no wish to elevate themselves to the energy of love?

Text 6

Everybody wants big and pure love. Everybody wants to get love. In general, people look for something in life they can get and make profitable for themselves. But to find love you need to turn the other way around. Love cannot become a subject of trade or profit. Love is an energy subject to its own laws, as any other energy.

If you want to get something in business, you have to grab it. If you want to get something in love, you have to give. It is a quality, not an action. If you want love, you have to love. Love all, without any distinction into those who love you in return and who don’t; love those who answer your love and those who do not. Do not verify, do not look for or demand proofs. It is better to decide from the outset that nobody loves you or that everybody loves you.

Do not measure or make payment with love. Do not calculate who has given you what and how much. Here nobody owes anything to anyone under any circumstances. Love knows no profit. It is easy to love if you do not look for anything for yourself.

The one who loves in reality gains a great power but it is not a power to subdue others. It is impossible to use the energy of love to control others or to bring them under your will. Love is such a rare guest because human civilization is governed by control and subjugation of others. The energy of love is more likely to turn the lover away from his own interests towards the interests of others. You will not possess anyone; it is rather the other way around…

Text 7

Love cannot be won, deserved or taken by force. Love is given for no reason. The one who loves is stronger than the one who accepts love and allows others to love himself. Happiness is the lot of the one who loves and not of the one who passively accepts love. Just like it is the one who walks that makes progress, and not the one who watches the one who walks.

Everybody knows the size of a human body. What about the size of the soul? The soul grows according to the measure of its love. Love one person – and it will be the size of a human soul. Love everyone – and your size will be equal to the totality of all. Love the Earth – and you will become the size of the Earth.

These simple things should have been taught to people but there has been no one to do that. That is why up to now only the one who stumbled upon this knowledge by chance or instinctively could possibly develop his soul. But the likelihood of finding it by chance is equal to the likelihood of finding skates on the Southern beach. Moreover, it is harder for a grown-up to learn; he has to restore the vitality of his soul literally by syllables.

Text 8

True love is not about receipt, it is about withdrawal. It always gives. It merges and not competes. And when it merges it gets stronger; it also strengthens those united by it. Love is a vibrancy of life. Love does not seek what to grab. It never waits for anything from anybody, and it does not feed on expectations and castles in the air. It does not idealise the other but sees him directly with all his drawbacks- and is still not deterred by them. Love allows the other to be the person he has always dreamt of becoming and not the person his partner wants to see. The one who loves acknowledges the dreams of his beloved and not his own dreams.

Love does not get confused or upset as it does not want to bend anyone to its will. On the contrary, the one who loves will use his will to help the other in the most acceptable way. The one who loves places his beloved, and not himself, in the center. The one who loves really gains power, but this is due to renunciation of the ego, and consequently goes beyond the ordinary limits of one’s life and perception of oneself and the world.

Mutual love takes second place to shedding the egoistic sheath. This results in expansion of one’s consciousness, opportunities and abilities. As long as a person is busy with his egoistic whims under the mask of love, he will certainly have to shed tears. But after shedding the form of ego he will most likely start to laugh.  “Love cannot make you cry”,  said one of the greatest wise men of the East.

Text 9

Love lives beyond the limits of form. However, the consciousness of a contemporary man is usually imprisoned in the ego, in the mask of personality. A contemporary person also has the so-called subconscious and super-conscious mind represented as forms as well. Human life is hunched up and suffers in between these forms. A form accepted by the consciousness is a labyrinth without exit, while love lives in a boundless space.

Some of those who faced the gates into the world without forms, called it emptiness; others called it potentiality. Everyone saw what he could see depending on his remaining inclinations. In the space of love, form has nothing to lean on. Boundlessness of space sets you free from the labyrinth of your ego. This space may be filled with love. But there are greater things: bliss, freedom, and fullness of being…

Love is the first door leading the consciousness to freedom from form, restraint and death towards eternal life. What did the Buddha awaken from? He awakened from the form of his mind. Where did he go? Where is he? He is here and now, but those whose consciousness is folded in a form  (or wears a mask of personality, so to say) cannot meet him. Get freed from the form of human ego then you yourself will become love. There is no use for asking about love as everybody needs a direct experience.

Everything has its price. Real love will take away your precious ego and destroy it. Who will then live instead of the familiar you? Scared? That’s why love is such a rare guest in this world. This is the truth about love.

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