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philosophy of the artist:

Objective Art

There are two different types of art on Earth: one is ordinary art reflecting subjective consciousness of an individual. It describes the ordinary world of human mind, its fears, passions and dreams. According to the level of informational approach, such art does not differ from daily newspapers or radio programs – this news are of the same order. There is also another type of art – Gurdjieff called it the “objective art”. It is the rarest quest on Earth.

Objective art supplies impressions for the soul and the spirit. Body needs food to function. Human mind needs social life for its development. But the deeper layers of being – the “soul” and the “spirit” – also need sustenance. Their diet consists of impressions. Though everything is open in cosmos and there are no secrets, a person’s attention, due to its limitations, cannot perceive everything directly as it is.

Objects of the objective art are like fingers pointing at one’s own soul and spirit. They are beacons lightening the way for the attention of those people, for whom the adventures of the body are not enough to be happy. They are priceless gifts to humanity reflecting the laws of crystallization and dissolution of all worlds and beings, the laws of cosmos, the rhythm of eternity. They are the messages of light, voices of immortality. These letters are open, but the information is not available to everyone. They find their audience by themselves.

However poor and miserable could life on Earth become for people from time to time, the objective art is the first to appear and the last to leave the world. Civilizations and cultures come and go, but the objective art is beyond all this. If it resolves to find you, it will rain on your head. It will leave you a message of immortality in the clouds, the sunset, the traces of a bird’s wings in the sky, the imprints of the  high tide on the sand, the echo of the thunder, the distant storm, just as the rare items of the objective art, created by some beings in human bodies, speak about you. About the real you, the way you could be. In fact, about such you as you already are, but somehow do not know about it.

To take the challenge of the objective art means to say “yes” to your own spirit, to accept the sound of your own being, to respond to your own light.

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