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Henley Festival 2013

10th - 14th July 2013


A floating stage. The biggest names in music and comedy. Black ties. Sharp suits. Designer dresses. Celebrity chefs’ pop-up restaurants. Champagne sipped beside the Thames. An armada of pleasure boats. Dance. Street theatre. Art, sculpture and roving eccentrica. Fireworks. And more fireworks. Late night parties.

Welcome to Henley Festival.

Hay Hill Gallery presented the artists at the Henley Festival Art Show 2013:
Eleanor Cardozo, Roxana Halls, Nicola Godden, Andy Cheese, Chloe Leaper, Stanislav Plutenko, Jamie McCartney, P.J.Crook, Palolo Valdés

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(The price-list is password protected. To obtain the password please contact us.)

Henley Festival Enclosure
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon RG9  2LP

More information about the Henley Festival is here: http://www.thelondoner.me/2013/07/henley-festival.html

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