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Year 2019

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Online Gallery
  • 1 -31 December 2019

Robert Bissell - the exhibition 'This Universe of Life' of the latest paintings.

Bissell has consistently worked to connect nature with people through his art, starting in his early days as a photography student at the Manchester College of Art and later at the Royal College of Art in London. Nearly 18 years ago, after a career as a photographer, graphic designer and eventual corporate executive, Bissell decided to explore a new form of art that took him beyond the mediums of print and photography: he taught himself how to paint. Today, his repertoire of paintings includes more than 500 originals.

  • 1 -30 November 2019

Roger Aslin - the exhibition 'The City Revealed' of the latest paintings.

The recurrent subject matter of a figure within an urban environment, is influenced by Aslin’s personal interest in film and television. His highly defined palette reduces forms to their key elements, and attempts to distil the essence of each familiar scenario.

  • 16 September - 31 October 2019

Gemma Billington - the exhibition 'An Dúchas (Homeland)' of the artist's latest paintings.

Gemma Billington was born in Killorglin, nestled between the Ring of Kerry and the Atlantic Way, Gemma spent her youth in Kerry before moving to England in her early twenties. She studied Sculpture at Newbury College of Art and did a degree in Visual Studies at Winchester School of Art where she specialised in painting. Now Gemma divides her time between painting studios in Kerry and Berkshire, and regularly attends life drawing at the Royal Academy of Arts in the famous Life Room created by Sir Joshua Reynolds, a unique space that helps nourish her artistic practice.

  • 1 August - 15 September 2019

Stanislav Plutenko - the latest artworks.

Stanislav Plutenko was born in 1961 in Moscow. He drew and painted through childhood, and studied in the turbine construction department of Moscow Machine Construction Institute. After army service, where he was appointed painter in the Officers Club, he went on to become a designer.

Plutenko’s original method of painting involves a mixed technique using of oil, tempera, acrylic, watercolours. This style is supplemented by masterly application of an airbrush and the finest glazing with transparent paints. The work is characterised by its emphasis on colour contrasts, and usually an ironic undercurrent. Plutenko reflects on the inner emotional state of the characters; their awkward endeavours of gaining and sustaining a spiritual balance.

  • 10 June - 31 July 2019

Nikolai Silis (1928 - 2018). Nikolai Silis was a Russian artist, draftsman and sculptor, and an influential voice in twentieth century Russian art.

Silis has always been a trail-blazer and an innovator, the master of unique artistic expression. His art was not widely known or appreciated during the Soviet era because it was out of step with the official aesthetic. Yet Silis, a powerhouse of creative energy, laboured on, undaunted by the realisation that his works may never reach the mass viewer.

History of Exhibitions: 2002200320042005200620072009201020112012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024...
Forthcoming Exhibitions

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