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Year 2020

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Online Gallery
  • 2 - 31 December 2020

Victoria Kovalenchikova - the exhibition 'The Planet Earth' of the latest artworks.

"I have travelled the world, from my native Belarus to Asia, the Americas, and other parts of Europe. I have had the great fortune to interact with people from around the globe and absorb its many cultures.

What I wish to show in my new Earth series is that our planet itself is a work of art---a kaleidoscope of colours, a patchwork of patterns; an interconnected sphere without beginning or end. Viewing it from space, using Google images, I want this collection to showcase this amazing entity, in order that we may appreciate and ultimately save it.

What I have come to appreciate in the past decade is that our planet itself is a work of art---a kaleidoscope of colours, a patchwork of patterns; an interconnected sphere without beginning or end. Viewing it from space, using Google images, I have created my Earth series to showcase this amazing entity, in order that we may appreciate and ultimately save it." - Victoria Kovalenchikova

  • 2 - 30 November 2020

KAMU Sergey & Olga - the exhibition 'Fragiles' of the latest paintings.

Sergey and Olga Kamennoy are the couple of artists working together under a pseudonym "KAMU Sergey & Olga" for more than 15 years. From 2003 they work and live in France, near Paris.

Sergey is Ukrainian, was born in the city of Kharkov in 1959 in the artist’s family. From 1974 to 1978 he studied at the Art school, from 1978 to 1983 - at the Academy of Art, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Olga is Russian, was born in Moscow in 1978. She is a President of the International Association ADECA (art and cultural exchange).

Olga and Sergey are the Laureates of Kandinsky Prize (Moscow), the Members of the Artists Union of France. They work with the art galleries in France (Paris, Honfleur, Courchevel, Saint Paul de Vence), UK and USA. Awarded by the Medal of the Paris City for the contribution to the culture of France.

  • 2 - 31 October 2020

Eleanor Cardozo - the exhibition 'Body & Soul' of the artworks.

“An appreciation for beauty is simply a stirring of the soul – Seat of the deepest emotions, the soul is nurtured by beauty”

The second of ten children, Eleanor was born in London in 1965 and spent her early childhood in Africa and Malaysia. She was classically trained in sculpture at The City and Guilds School of Art, London and in portraiture at the Cecil Graves school in Florence.

She celebrates the beauty of figurative sculpture and considers the human form the greatest artistic challenge. ‘ Beyond the beauty of the external form, there is something that cannot be named, something ineffable, some deep inner holy essence.’

  • 2 - 30 September 2020

Walera Martynchik - the exhibition 'Reconstruction Of Reality' of the latest artworks.

Walera Martynchik was born in Belarus in 1948 and thereby he grew up under Soviet Union rule. In his late teens in 1965 he won a place and a scholarship to study at the Minsk College of art but within a year, regardless of his evident talent he was asked to leave because the works he was starting to produce for student shows were not found acceptable.

Already in the 1970s, while earning his living as an official muralist, he had begun seriously to develop his own style as an unofficial or underground artist.

Each of his vast canvases is composed of complex structuring and juxtapositional interweaving of clearly defined objects both animate and inanimate. They represent or re-structure the elements of experience not as a continuous reality but as they appear in inner vision.

  • 2 - 31 August 2020

Ashkal - the exhibition 'Picasso-esque' of the artist's latest artworks.

Ashkal, originally Naveed Akhtar, is a world within himself. He is a painter, an expert art–restorer, re-producer of the western Old Masters paintings, fine art photographer, filmmaker, and Founder President of The Visual and Performing Arts Forum International UK.

Ashkal began his art education as a shagird of Iqbal Mehdi. From 1988 till 1994 he worked consistently in the Ustaad's studio perfecting a representational style of work in the gruelling medium of pen and ink. The next six years were spent in America where he learnt the painstaking art of restoration when he participated in some assignments with friends working for noted auction houses.

By the time he returned to Pakistan in 2000, his style of work had grown far beyond the pen and ink medium. Influenced by the intricacies of restorative work, he began to specialize in miniatures of Oriental scene paintings of old masters. Experiments in modern abstract calligraphy continued alongside.

  • 2 - 31 July 2020

Pancho Malezanov - the exhibition 'After The Corona' of the artist's latest paintings.

Pancho Malezanov was born in Sofia in 1964. He graduated from Secondary Art School in Sofia in 1984.

As an artist Pancho Malezanov always prefers to interact with nature directly, but it is difficult to call him a landscape artist in the exact meaning of the term. He is not interested in particular details, but prefers to unite the entire scenery through a randomly situated point of view, which does not take into account the horizon line or the static position from which each natural object is seen.

  • 2 - 30 June 2020

Hideyuki Sobue - the exhibition 'Recollection' of the artist's latest artworks.

Hideyuki Sobue was born in 1965 in Aichi, Japan, and grew up in an orphanage. He graduated from Osaka University of Arts on a scholarship. Sobue has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and Japan. Notable exhibitions include "Conversation with Ruskin", celebrating the bicentenary of John Ruskin's birth, supported by Arts Council England (The Blue Gallery, Brantwood, Coniston/ The Ruskin Museum, Library and Research Centre, Lancaster University, Lancaster); "Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets" (Itami City Museum Kakimori Bunko, Japan); "I Wandered...", commemorating the 200th anniversary of the final publication of William Wordsworth's poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" (Rydal Mount & Gardens, Ambleside); "The Way I See" supported by Arts Council England (Japan House Gallery, the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London); the Royal Scottish Academy Open (RSA Lower Gallery, Edinburgh), etc.

  • 2 - 31 May 2020

Valentin Zenkovsky - the gallery new artist, the exhibition 'And Art Goes On!' of the artist's latest paintings.

Valentin Zenkovsky was born in Moscow in 1952. He started to paint in early 1970s in his native Moscow as a theatrical painter. There was some theatrics in his paintings since each painting represented a prop. Sometime they looked like a shot from a movie.

Each painting was in line with its own play and with the music, playing in the painter’s head while he was creating composition, mixing colours and putting them on canvas. It required different art techniques and materials. That’s why Valentin used oil, acrylic, tempera, watercolour, coloured pencils, etc., if it helped to achieve the desired result.

  • 2 -30 April 2020

David Michael Bowers - the exhibition 'Inner Observations' of the latest artworks.

David Michael Bowers was born 1956 in Chambersburg and graduated from art school in Pittsburgh, 1979.

The complexity of Bowers’ painting is reflected by his elaborate artistic process. The artist himself explains that he could spend ten hours a day over one tiny area of the canvas in pursuit of perfection. He concocts his own gesso from chalk, rabbit-skin glue and zinc to first prepare the surface. The next stage involves a preliminary drawing and then a mapping out of light and dark areas. Every painted layer after this has to be sanded smooth before the next layer can be applied, finishing in a fine coat of varnish to preserve luminosity.

  • 1 -31 March 2020

Dangerous Minds Artists - the gallery new artists. The exhibition 'Present From The Past' of the latest artworks.

The DANGEROUS MINDS ARTISTS Studio was founded by Michael Lake-McMillan and Alan Stuart. The artists’ distinctive work constantly refers and returns to the touchstones of light, beauty in decay, abandonment and antiquated typography.

  • 1 -29 February 2020

Brian Martin Brooks - the exhibition 'Separate Realities' of the latest paintings.

"Brian Brooks has been exhibiting internationally since the 1970's with work held in private and public collections throughout Europe, the USA and Latin America. Brian has a natural talent for translating the visual world onto a two-dimensional picture plane. Utilising digital technology and computer software, his paintings use photography as a point of reference rather than a tool for direct imitation. His integral understanding of colour and perspective equals his command for pattern and repetition with an elegant and refined painting technique." - Basia Deptuch, Visual Arts Manager, Curator and Exhibition Organiser, PA to Director of Tate Modern Gallery

  • 1 -31 January 2020

Pejman Ebadi - the exhibition 'Stargates To Eternity' of the latest paintings.

Pejman Ebadi was born in Tehran, Iran 1982, at the height of the Iran-Iraq war. At the age of two, his family fled the war stricken homeland to find refuge in France. At only four years old, Pejman’s father discovered his precocious gift for painting and encouraged him to express himself freely without any particular guidance. Without formal art education, the young Pejman taught himself by studying works of major 20th century artists. His first exhibition was when he was six years old and since 1990, he has held more than fifty solo exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. Pejman now lives and works in Nice.

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Forthcoming Exhibitions

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